A hotel sign suggesting oral sex leaves people confused.

An innocent hotel sign might not be so innocent after all. It is known that dirty minded people are capable of seeing the naughty aspects of most things and this photo is no different. A hotel notice which is aimed at promoting their "in room safe" was posted online with most wondering if there might be some underlying meaning in the drawing at the front. Looking at the picture, you can see a woman sitting and reading book but blinked and look again and you just might notice someone doing something a little naughtier.
Enjoy peace of mind the notice reads; perhaps the hotel is trying to hint you will be enjoying a little more than that, can you see the dirtier version? One comment on the photo said" I can totally see this as a subtle way of saying they can arrange an Excort for you and those less perverted minds who don't see if they let you borrow books" Another comment said;" yup, I thought he was getting a b***job.
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