Bizarre!!! man marries a 10ft cobra, as he believes is his reincarnated girl friend.

A man has married his pet because he believes his dead girl friend came back to life as the cobra. The snake was spotted by the man in south east Asia, who said it bored a "striking resemblance" to his former lover. He and 10ft serpent now spend every day together watching TV, sharing romantic picnics by the lake, playing board games and going to the gym as a couple. The unidentified husband is understood to have taken the Buddhist theory that people are reincarnated as Animal. He lost his girl friend five years ago, but photos have shown he and his new wife are very happy together. Warranan sarasalin from kanchanaburi in thailand, sent the photos in and said he looks after it very well and that"true love is true love". He told daily mirror; he never stay away from the snake. He takes it every where he goes or even while he is sleeping. The spotted man is well known in the area for his relationship with the snake and has ignored all warnings of dangers of living with a 10ft cobra.

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