paul pogba's trade market dab celebration is being used to teach children In math I france.

Manchester United player, Paul pogba' s trade mark."dab" celebration has been turned into math question by resourceful teacher in France, who turned it into a question on pythogora's theorem. The question asks; chritiano Ronaldo is jealous of Paul pogba's dab, then tries to demonstrate that it is not perfect. According to the book, the universal declaration of the rights of the dab- a perfect dab is only if the triangle represented in the figure below are triangles- Paul pogba's dab perfe
ct? The question is accomplained by graphic featuring Paul pogba in his well - known pose with two triangles marked out over the top. The first triangle is created from his hip, to his shoulder, to his outstretched arm. The second runs from his ear to his shoulder and to his elbow.
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