singer madonna's trouble 16 year old son arrested with cannabis in drug bust.

Rocco Ritchie caught in his rucksack after a neighbor's fed up with his bad behavior reported him to cops, the sun report. They were furious after sporting rocco"smoking and doing drugs in their  push neighborhood in London. A source said Rocco has become a well known figure in the  neighborhood and not far from the right reasons he is been reportedly seen acting suspiciously. This incident was the  final straw. Local residents are fed up with his acting in this manner which  made  them called  the cops. Rocco was dealt with by camderi borough's youth offending team under the triagle youth justice scheme. Under it youngster found to have committed a minor first offence are normally asked to attend a series of workshops. He will get a criminal record for the  offence,  but a record well kept.

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