Good and fast ways to get your husband in the mood.

A marriage is one of the longest relationship we have as human. The bond is meant to be till death separates the couple as this means they will be together forever and a very long time. After the honey moon phase. Sex will now become like a life chore. Here are some ways to put your husband fast in the mood.
1.New undies or lingerie: your husband may have seen your body for a thousand times but the packaging can make it more lively and exciting. New and sexy lingerie will make him and his body won't be able to resist you.
2.Try a new routine: to get out of your hurt, try something new, it maybe watching porn together or role playing but switch things up and find out which excite him more. You will be surprised how your husband will go back being a lion in bed.
3.Make sex delicious:they say a way to a man's heart is through food right? Luckily for us sex and food mix very well. These are fruit that eget you in the mood, flavoured lubricants and all edible underwear. You will satisfy your husband 'S appetite and sex at once when you introduce foods that go well with sex.
4 .Romantic kisses: these go very well with a boring sex life, nothing like giving your husband a very tender kiss on his fore head and that of his lips. This will always make him go crazy about you and also fallen and want to have sex with you at all cost.
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