Madonna nearly avoids ackward tumble in towering heels after being crowned woman of the year at bill board events.

Madonna came as a cropper as she stepped out in a ridiculous pair os sky high platform heels on friday. The singer, 58, attended the bill board women in music luncheon at pier 36 in new York and as she exited the venue she nearly face planted. The star was taking a step down from the curb as she lost footing in the not. So practical foot wear fortunately she manage to regain her balance doing any real damage. She also had a trusty security team around her who looked like they were ready to catch her. The star look like she meant business as she teamed the fierce heels with an eye popping silk suit meanwhile inside the venue she appeared to be a lot more steady on her feet as she posed for pictures on the red carpet. During the event the star was honored as a woman of the year and almost welled up as she gave her impassioned speech." I always feel better with something hard between my leg, she joked. I stand before you as a doormat,oh I mean as a female entertainer,she continued"thank you for acknowledging my ability to continue my career for 35 years in the face of ballant  sexism and misogyny and constant bullying and relentless abuse."

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