miss Absents sex scandal will affect pageants in Nigeria-Ex miss tourism-sharon Anya.

A former beauty queen ambassador, Sharon Anya,miss tourism Nigeria 2015 has said that the miss Absents sex tape scandal will have a negative effect on pageants in the country. According to her, the organizers have become more transparent and let the criteria be properly spelt out and being more transparent means every body should know why the winner won and on the other hand, the contestants should always go for her official meeting with her lawyer and manager before signing any contract.
The mass communication graduate of igbinedion university added that cutting corners to win pageantry was a possibility, adding that it was not exclusive to pageants. She said it happened to any field, some journalists go to the extreme to get top interview, even in churches, there are some pastors that use diabolical powers to get to the top. Some athletes use drugstore get to the top, there are some that want to do anything to get to the top of their careers in every field. So it is not peculiar to pageants only. I don't know what went wrong, the act was wrong but the person... I can't judge. For future pageant, have a team, have a manager and a lawyer. For me I got into miss tourism Nigeria pageant for a purpose and not to be famous. My pageant is about promoting tourism, women empowerment, leadership across the country and attracting foreign investors,I focused on that and it kept me going,i was able to stay scandal free because I invested in myself alot, I cultivated a life I want to enjoy in peace, she said.
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