Nigerians have lost hope in the contraption called APC. Never has the nation come to the brim of disintegration as now. Today, the average Nigerian man is more disturbed with the future of the country because our belief in our collective will as a people has been eroded thanks to APC . To add salt to injury, the leaders of the party APC are not talking. I am in this country when Sovereign National Conference SNC was the talk in town. The polity was heated up with shouts of Sovereign National Conference by the Yorubas.  Today,  their cries,  their agitation has died down-why? Has the Federal Government met the reasons for the agitation?  Why has it suddenly died a natural death? I remember I was told during the campaign by APC that 1 Naira will be equivalent of 1 dollar. Today one dollar exchanges to 450 Naira.  I was told by APC that education will be free to University level. Today,  the reverse is the case. I was told that the elderly will be paid monthly and that APC will Create 3 Million jobs. Today over 5 Million jobs has been lost. Just yesterday,  MTN stopped Who Want To Be A Millionaire program because they cannot sponsor it anymore due to the prevailing economic situation in the country.

As if all these are not enough, the North has issued quit notice to the Igbos living in the northern part of Nigeria. As weighty as this pronouncement are, non of those angling to fly the flag of APC during the governorship election in Anambra State has rejected this call by the northern blood suckers. Why are the leaders of APC in Anambra State silent on the death threat to their citizens living in the North?  I expected to hear Tony Nwonye on TV and Radio Stations making a case for his people living in the North whose lives are I danger. Lets call a spade a spade, this attitude of the Anambra APC leaders is worse than robbery. I expect to read Andy Ubah on National dailies countering the blood sucking utterances of the North. But No,  they are afraid.Rather than loose their Political alignment with APC,  the Igbos living in the North can perish.  Chief Barth Nwaigwe is not helping matters. I expected to read him alongside George Muoghalu tormenting the northerners.

Tony Nwonye would have moved a motion of urgent importance at the floor of the House of Representative bringing to the notice of the house the threat to his people. Tony could not do that. Then why is he at the National Assembly? What are the Southeast Caucasus doing at the National Assembly?  Andy can do nothing at the Senate yet he want to govern the people he cannot protect. Today, their convoy are everywhere in Anambra State deceiving the poor masses with lies. What of Orji Uzo Kalu and Chief Jim Nwobodo?  Where are there?  The Igbos are been killed on daily basis in the North and none of the contenders to the APC ticket is talking.

Who do you want to rule? The people you cannot protect?  How can Tony Nwonye lead the people he abandoned. How can Andy Ubah govern the dislodged people. It is a confirmed fact that the Interest of Ndi Anambra is not the paramount issue here but selfish interests of Tony Nwonye and Andy Ubah. They do not care about the masses. They are more interested in what comes to them than what goes to the people. Their game is up. We are aware of their selfish plans.  We are ready for them. Selfish people cannot come close to ten miles of any leadership position again in Anambra State. We are waiting for them and we pray APC should give those clowns ticket in Anambra State.

By Pastor Jude Okeke.

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