Have you heard the noise about APC taking over Delta state? If you have been disturbed or your privacy abused by this empty call,just spare a moment to look at the faces of those spearheading the party in Delta state. Yes ,look at those who seriously want to take over power in 2019 and take us to eldorado. There are faces you know. Same old faces but looking differently this time. The faces look so innocent,patriotic,honest and sincere but do not be deceived for it might not be the true reflection of their heart.These  are same people who started on this journey with PDP and together with the remaining members of the now assumed "demons" in the PDP,together they had  raped our land,abused our women and ransacked our vault. They sat in the dark to share the loot of our state.
They were toasting to a glass of champagne to how good life has become for them. They never thought of us nor our state. To them,it was all about what they were grabbing. So was life  a rosy for them until now when they found themselves dropped out  in the perking order. Suddenly,they have come to realize that we are there and that our land is being mismanaged. They have suddenly become self acclaimed "Saints and Angels' who love us and our land so much  more than we do. BEWARE! BEWARE!! BEWARE!!!
For their true intent is to use the garb of President Buhari to steal power and then unleash their soiled hands on our commonwealth again but all to themselves. They are not shouting for change because they mean to change our situation but to change control of our commonwealth. They have been sidetracked and the effect is overbearing and so they want to get back on track immediately . All they want is to use your ignorance to achieve their deadly intent. Remember,then ,it was all about power in their hands and how powerful they were. We were their enemies and the little children they have employed now to blow their trumpets were same people that cursed them.
Today,they are all in APC and in their imaginative minds,they are all saints and patriots.  In their yam and oil mind, they are the true servants out to change the misfortune that they conspired with others to bring upon our land .
Their changed faces looking innocent and honest is only so because they have been denied of what to steal. They are now carrying broom about because they were sidelined from the mainstream. They are shouting for change because their account is running dry.Make the mistake tomorrow and entrust your fate into their care and you will see who they are. You will understand that even the people  they have made you to condemn are far  better than they are. How sure are we that they will not visit our land with same untold hardship as we witness in the nation now? What convinces us that they will do better than their old colleagues they want us to condemn now? THINK!Their humility is not out of respect but because their oil have been taken away from them.Mark them for they may be worse than the vultures that eat our land now.This is for those who can hear and think.
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