The name Olabisi Ajala doesn’t really ring a bell to the younger generation of Nigerians, but the older generation would certainly know all about Ajala.He was a Nigerian called Moshood Adisi Olabisi Ajala.He was a renowned globe-trotter, socialite and free lance journalist, who was described in many Nigerian songs as Africa’s greatest traveler. He was born in Ghana, then moved to Nigeria to school and went to the US at age 18 where he started his travels in the 50s.He supposedly went to 87 countries in six years and mostly on his bicycle.

People who were close to Ajala, spoke in glowing terms about he’s personality, with he’s trademark long beard, he was referred to as a globe-trotting socialite who put his nation, Nigeria, on the world map because of he’s drive to explore the unexplored and chart the uncharted.Ajala’s travels got him to wine and dine with heads of states and leaders, including the former Nigerian Prime minister, Tafawa Balewa, the late Greek President,Hollywood star Ronald Reagan amongst others. Way back then in the 70s, Legendary Nigerian musician, Ebenezer Obey even composed a song in he’s honor, with part of the lyrics saying, “Ajala travels all over the world”

Olabisi Ajala got married to an Australian wife, who gave him four children who are all based in Australia.Like he’s travels, Ajala had offsprings scattered all over the world, he also has two children in the United States, and one in England. But after he’s death on the 2nd of February, 1999, only two of he’s children were by he’s bed side. For more than a year to he’s death, Ajala suffered from stroke which left him paralyzed on he’s left limb. He’s first wife who resides in Ikotun could not find time to come see him before he died.A Legend Ajala was gone, and not honored, he died in he’s residence, a rented apartment, he’s grave in Central Lagos isn’t any different from the others.Although it looks like Ajala is gone and already long forgotten, but thanks to his travels, his foot prints are still imprinted on the sands of time.

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