Doing it a boy style.

Doing it a boy style is trendy this season.It is a woman fashion and is officially guy styling that is hot right now.Beging by transforming yourself yourself,but how can you make this  masculine trend work for you. Fashion trends is all about unleashing what work for your inner you. So when it comes to being that bad girl guy then try it with so much elegant and super confidence.This season is about borrowing from boy wardrobe like the straight jeans,pant,skinny tie, wide tie, bow tie,sweater veast, colorful belt, fenato cap, sunglasses, short denim and tough boot.You don't need to look like a woman for all season,try to embrace fashion wise differently from what you have been known with.

Another secret to dressing a boy style,dont just over do it by wearing it top to toe.This is a look you really have to own and be confident about it and with frame.Try to make that boy style of yours to be sexy and be convincing for an eye catch.I think is very possible to achieve that tomboy touch,make sure you attract attention when you are on the go.Fashion is all about what you are confident with.I don't think there should be any rules when it comes to putting up your own style.
Rules on how you can really put up a do it a boy style:

☀Be a man about it:It can be incredibly sexy for a woman to dress in a man's clothing,but getting away with it,you need to ooze feminity.There aren't many girls who would look ease wearing a head to foot ensemble add seen on girls on the run way, get it done.The trick is to be inspired by man-style, pick an element and work it.

☀Be the queen if boy-style:Try wear men's brogue rather than going the full-time on Power effect,try a tie also, add braces to sloppy black pants and a pop white shirt underneath.Keep it easy and relax and this can incredibly work for you. Show off a perfect pins to balance a boyish look.

☀Don't fake it:Dont be afraid to take a style risk, always look classy and sassy,make it clean, exciting and flirt with it.Be a fashion elite and your credential will be a go.Wear a simple leather jacket, skinny jean and tough boot, stack up your style with light jewelry.Dont over do it,when you are over doing it you are faking it.

☀Make your hair cut as stunning:It doesn't necessarily mean you have to wear your hear hair short  when it comes to doing it a boyish style, you can also keep your natural hair.But wearing your hair short complement your perfect stunning look and your sexy boy transition.

☀Do an accessory perfection to it:Doing it right with complementable dress up like a tiny short with bare legs on a tough boot,bag combos,the bag it up with your boyish wear, plastic or acetate sunglasses.If you got the right put up on boyish style,you have got it,then flaunt it.