Flood; A Universal Threat.

Flood is a global phenomenon that poses a threat on many countries not excluding nigerian states in the recent time.In Delta, Rivers, Lagos, Ogun States, etc no doubting the fact that many residents have to count their losses when it rains, couple with the fact that many private and public properties are not spare from the damaging effects of this natural occurrence which demands urgent attention from every segments of the society. One wouldn't be far from the truth if one posits that high rate of flooding in recent time is suggestive of global warming or climatic change.From one state to another,the story may vary but closely the same as public roads,fences and residential homes are submerged daily by the force of this natural occurrence called flood.

Recently,the residents of Lekki in Lagos state where Gov. Ambode is often placed high above other sitting governors interms of performance,had their homes taken over by flood for a couple of days. For me,that story of lekki flood is convincing enough for those who attribute flooding to man made or inefficiency of the government; it's simply natural.Yesterday on the media,we all saw Delta State Head of Service in company of Executive Assistance to Governor Okowa on orientation and social development,on inspection visit to the premises that harbour state's rural development agency, directorate of orientation,post primary education board, to ascertain the extent of damage done as a result of last Saturday's heavy shower.

The timely visit demonstrates how disheartened the state government under Dr. Okowa felt about the menace of flooding and further proved that his administration will, within the ambit of resources available to it, work toward ensuring that deltans especially residence of the capital city, gets relaxed no matter how gloomy the weather appears for rain.Before terming Asaba, the State Capital a flood ridden city,think of rivers, ogun, lagos, and Abuja the seat of nigeria government.A stroll to many parts of Asaba such as federal secretariat, PPEB, Directorate of Orientation etc may leave one to make terrific narration of the effect of the heavy rain few days ago but acknowledging the good works of Okowa led administration toward developing the city of Asaba and giving residents sighs of relief will give deltans better reasons to see the end of flood destruction pretty soon.

Mrs. Ifeoma Agbomah
First Executive Member,
Post Pry Edu Board,
Delta State.