I want to social with my people at grassroots level. -senator Andy Ubah.

Anambra gubernatorial polls come closer, Andy Uba is now buying roasted corn and cucumbers and even taking lunch with pupils? So lovely for a senator.

Here is senator Andy Ubah post:

I am delighted for the rare opportunity I had to socialize with my people at the grassroots level.Despite my tight schedule I had a memorable interaction with 'the less opportuned' who ironically constitute a larger part of our community. I enjoyed every part of the event as I fed thousands of people today at Umuoru- Uga in Aguata L.G.A Anambra state.

This gesture is part of my greater plan to reduce hunger and suffering in the land as we grapple through the economy which has subjected many people to miserable living thereby leaving them at the mercy of hunger and starvation.Just like I said yesterday after securing my Party nomination or expression of Interest form,I reiterated that spending quality time around my people and sharing in their experiences gives me joy.

I emphasized that you cannot help a man if you do not know what his or her problems are and how he feels, that is why from time to time I come down to my people to take care of their well-being. At the end of the exercise,I discussed about my desire to contribute meaningfully to the welfare of the people in diverse ways.The dedicated sectors of our economy will soon be revamped to create employment and improve the standard of living.This and many more we'll do to take our dear State to greater heights.