Igbos Have Every Right To Be President.– Peter Obi.

Igbos are as qualified, if not more qualified, than every other person jostling to become president.This is our country. So why can’t we be presidents? The ex-governor of Anambra State was responding to questions this evening of July 9, 2017 from the anchor man, Seun Okinbaloye in a political programme on Channels Television. When asked if he was interested in becoming one, the ex-banker responded that it wasn’t about him but rather about a region that have given as much as, if not more than, other regions to nation building.And that there are many qualified Igbo people that could be president.

On restructuring the Oxford alumnus believes the nation must come together and fashion out a new structure since the existing structure has failed the nation. He called that a new structure that must cut excessive costs of governance should urgently evolve to save what is left of the nation. He minced no words in expressing that the masses have lost faith in the political elites, leading to mass unrests all over the place. He emphasized it was time the nation’s leaders left their comfort zones to dialogue with the led.

On economy the Agulu-born technocrat was bitter when expressing that a careful study from 35 years till date has seen dear country toe every path of retrogression in all facets of economic growth.His examples were legion with each test country having left Nigeria miles behind.On Nnamdi Kanu’s position on coming Anambra State election, Mr. Obi said that if Kanu says no election, the solution is getting to him, sit down and make him see reason why there should be one.He recalled there was similar problem when Ralph Uwazurike had same position and that all he did was go to him, sit down and made him see reason."

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