Issele-uku begins process to conorate omu

Issele-Uku community today witnessed another milestone in her bid to reinvigorate all vital aspects of her culture as a foremost traditional and cultural Haven in Anioma,Delta state.This was part of the promises made by His Royal Majesty Obi Nduka (MNSE), Agbogidi, Obi Issele-Uku while mounting the throne of his forefathers; stating that he would cherish, protect and reincarnate all aspects of the culture of the Issele-Oligbo people that had hitherto gone into extinction.Today at the palace, the Omu Issele-Uku Designate, Madam Beatrice Onwordi was officially introduced to Issele-Uku people. And as custom demands,she was equally bestowed a male status today, having performed the "Ichi Okpala" rite.

In the culture of Issele-Uku people, likewise most Anioma communities, when an Omu is chosen, she is bestowed a male right after the "Ichi Nmoo".If she was married, she then returns to her father's family to reign as Omu.She becomes traditionally qualified to perform anything that a man can perform, like getting married, breaking of kolanut, having her own palace and others.Meanwhile, the family of the Omu Designate, the Ukpai Quarters are set to build her a house where she can reign to perform her spiritual and natural functions as the spiritual guide to the Obi and community, the head of the women (Eze-Nwanyi), the superintendent of the markets and a disciplinarian cum corrector of any wrong doing or evil in the land.

Madam Beatrice Onwordi, a civil servant is set to assume her role as the Omu of Issele-Uku, having been chosen.Her Quarter - Ukpai is the place to produce the Omu; and ever since she was chosen, she had gone through several verification processes which certified her as the authentic choice.After her "Ichi Okpala" rite today, which was conducted by the Ogbelani, Diokpa Isimchei Okonkwo; the Obi of Issele-Uku also prayed for her before placing the red cap (Okpu Ododo) on her head.Anytime soon based on the readiness of her people of Ukpai Quarters,she would be coronated in grand-style like it was witnessed recently in Akwukwu-Igbo.This medium will keep u updated on information relating to Omu Issele-Uku coronation.

Source:By Patrick Ochei

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