Kylie Jenner caved into the wishes of society instead of embracing her originality says keke Palmer

The screen diva Keke Palmer is an unconventional beauty,but she wouldn’t have it any other way.In this age of social media,Palmer’s decision to stay true to herself is very admirable.Palmer told News that it’s “absolutely so hard” for people to remain true to themselves because social media prompts them to do “crazy,stupid,ugly or dumb” things. “So often famous people feel like,you know what,I’m just going to beat haters to the punch and either degrade myself or be so damn perfect they have nothing to say.

We’ve seen extremes of that,” she said. “In the sense of the Kardashians, it’s like I’m going to show you so much and be perfect and be everything a woman should be or everything a man would like or love.And I’m going to be exactly that so you can’t bully me anymore.” Out of everyone from the Kardashian clan,Palmer singled out Kylie Jenner, who has drawn a lot of scrutiny for changing her face.Palmer said it’s sad that Jenner caved into the wishes of society instead of embracing her originality . “Specifically in the situation with Kylie,where you’ve had a young girl people have seen on television since she was a kid and they literally told her she was so ugly, the ugly person in the family,”Palmer said. “She went and did apparently everything the world deems as beautiful.The even crazier part is that everybody loves her for it.”

However,Jenner earlier denied having done anything to her face.According to the lip kit mogul,the only thing she changed was her lips,which she was very insecure about.Jenner told complex magazine that she wasn’t really ashamed of the fact that she got lip injections,but she was concerned what message she would be sending her young fans about their self-esteem.“I wasn’t even 17 yet,” she said. “What if I came out and said, ‘Oh, yeah,I got my lips done’? What are all those moms going to think about me? These kids,my fans, they’re going to think I’m crazy.I didn’t want to be a bad influence.” Keke Palmer does not think it was right for Kylie Jenner to change the way she looks just to appease society.