Matured and romantic ways to put your woman in active mood.

A lot of men don't understand sex.They think the ultimate sex tool is the vagina or penis.Wrong!They just climb their wife, gba gba gba.... After 1min.....poaaaaah inside woman.They turn their back and sleep off.Some women that are used to this nonsense will just lie down there and wait for sleep to come.They are "tired" of complaining, so they just live with it.Some women don't even know the meaning of orgasm because of their wicked or immature husbands.While some ladies have found a way around this.They get themselves a "Dildo" (if you don't know what a Dildo is; Google it my friend, I'm not here to teach you everything).However dildos can never take the place of a human touch.Some more adventurous ladies have guys outside that does the job for them.So while you're at work madam is somewhere getting serviced ( Body no be faya wood).I know this won't go down well with some guys, but if you do your job well your woman won't even think of cutting show out side.I'm not here to justify adultery, but Brother Wake Up!

Now what was I saying before we digressed?...... Yes, how to get madam satisfied.

When you wake in the morning, don't just rush off the bed and start morning devotion or run to the bathroom.Wrap your arms around her and with a gentle whisper, tell her "Good Morning".Make sure your erect dick is touching her ass. Now tell her.. "I'm going to hit you hard tonight, so hard you won't know what hit you".You don't have to use my exact words, just be creative.Before leaving home or dropping her off, wink at her and tell her "tonight will be bloody".Now she has known you to be a one minute man, but what she doesn't know is that you're reading this.What you are doing is preparing her mind and trust me her pussy have already started becoming wet.People think social media is for politics alone.It's the 21st century ultimate sex tool, use it!  Send her a WhatsApp message, try to talk raw and dirty.If she's not on Social media, call her,  tell her you're just checking on your package.That this night is the night.

It doesn't matter the stress at work or traffic stress, shake it off.You promised an El Classico you better make it happen. Step into the house with a happy mood. Hug her and plant a kiss.Try to lighting her house chore that evening.Send the kids to bed on time.Try to have your bath together or try to clean up.Plant a kiss, if she is not the kissing type don't worry, some women are still living in the stone age.Go for her breast and massage slowly from under the breast up to the nipples.This should be done gently and not roughly,even if you're a motor mechanic, you have to learn to be sensitive here, you're not in your garage.Start sucking that nipple, while one hand is supporting the breast to your mouth.Depending on the size of the breast, you may not need hand support.

Let your other hand reach for her pussy. Don't just dip your hand in as if you're washing it to eat Eba.Gently slide in your middle finger.You will notice some juice, bring that juice up to start rubbing on the clitoris. As this is going on, move down south to her pussy.This is the time to unleash another ultimate sex weapon, the tongue. Start licking or sucking on the clitoris.Your two hands should be on the nipples,while your tongue is licking or sucking.Now be observant, by this time she should hold your head steady to her clitoris while singing Psalms 300 don't worry God understands.Don't stop until she cums.You will know she has reached orgasm by the way she tries to push you off her pussy or lie flat on the bed, "Tired".

This is when to unleash your ultimate machine, your dick.Gently slide it in her pussy and keep thrusting gently building up momentum.Make sure you're kissing her and and holding her tight.If you're a one minute man,you will notice at this juncture that you will last a bit longer if you thrust like this because the pussy have spread been lubricated with her cum and partly your saliva.When you are about to release, don't just release as if you're a bushman.Release with a loud shout if Psalm 301.Let the angels hear your voice and God your father be proud of you.After the show pull your woman to your side wrap your arms around her and whisper to her. "Watch out for part two".She will laugh and say, "go jooor.."This is how you know you've done your job well.If you can do this, you have just written your name in Gold as one of the sex gods.

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