Meet michaela with a rare condition becomes a beauty vlog star.

Michaela Davert, 18, from Michigan, US, was born with a rare condition called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, which means she could break her bones as easily as chalk. In her life time, she has broken 90 bones and had 25 surgeries. But she's not letting that stop her form living.

The once lonely disabled girl is successfully challenging traditional beauty industry. Michaela launched her own YouTube channel – FunsizedStyle, being a fashionista and talking about her musings on beauty and cosmetics with confidence.

Over 30,000 fans subscribed to her YouTube channel. Her success on YouTube has encouraged her to move  to Los Angeles and launch her own fashion line. Michaela wants to set up a clothing line for people her size.Michaela said she wanted to change the impressions that disabilities cannot have fun with make-up.

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