Mummy and her little son and funny vibes.

A woman and her 7 year old son
were inside a Taxi. It was raining and
all the twilight girls were standing
by the roadside.The Boy asked, Mummy, what are allthose women doing?.”

His Mother replied, they are waiting
for their husbands to come back from
work.The Taxi driver turned around and
said,Why don’t you tell the boy the
truth ? Little boy, they are prostitutes, "they sleep with men for

The Boy’s eyes got wide and asked,
Mummy is that true?His mother,glaring hard at the driver replied; Yes!
After a few minutes, the boy asked,
Mummy,what happens to the babies
those women have? She replied, “Most of them become Taxi drivers". Don't ask me if they arrived their destination.