Music artist Skuki has an erection while dancing with white girls on stage tries to hide it.

An unexpected incident popped up in a recent event,as one of the Nigerian singer Vavavoom of Skuki had an erection on stage while singing and dancing with white sexy girls who have all it takes to do something nice to a man’s system.The sensational act had mounted the stage to thrill his fans with his hits as usual, and he employed the services of very cute sexy white girls to grace the stage by moving their killer bodies to the sound of his rhythm.

He intended to put up a nice show and possibly have his audience drooling at the sight of those light skinned astonishing beautiful dancers.But the reverse turned out to be the case,as the singer got snared by his own trap.While performing and doing all the sexy and dirty stage dance with the girls,the singer ended up having an erection that refused to die down quickly.

In an effort to hide the embarrassing scene from his audience, he held his dick and acted like it was part of the show.But the sharp Nigerians that made up the audience saw everything and even had it recorded on their phones.One of the attendees took to YouTube to share a video of the embarrassing moment.