Nigeria is bigger than all of us.

Nigeria, is bigger than all of us. It is bigger than all that had governed her from the first Republic up and until now.Nigeria,is bigger and greater than any group, tribe, ethnicity or region.Not the Yorubas, Hausas, Igbos, or Idomas, can hold Her to ransom.We are all part of the country.Nigeria, is greater than any political party.PDP and APC,cannot and do not define Nigeria.Before them, we had more powerful political parties like NPC, NCNC, AG, NPN, NPP, GNPP, PRP, UPN, NRC, SDP, and the five fingers of the L hands( apologies to Chief Ige).These parties, fizzled away.The PDP and APC, will also go away.It is a matter of time.

To many, Nigeria, is a creation of accident.Lord Lugard, just wanted to make his wife happy when he accepted her coinage Nigeria, and merged the Northern and Southern protectorates in 1914 to form Nigeria.No Nigeria, couldn't have emerged without the doings of God. Known to Him are the works of His hands before the foundation of the earth or the world was laid.It was not by accident.The country,may not have met our expectations,but it doesn't make it an accidental creation.The failures so far, is upon us, the leaders and the led.We made bad choices in the past, and we have continued on the same paths.

There is no country in the world without problems and challenges.What is done, and what is needed, is to keep working at resolving the problems and confronting the challenges.Americans, after more than 200 years of democratic governance, are still working "towards a perfect union".And some are saying that after just 57 years, we should stop trying and dissolve the country? Not so soon friends.We can work on the problems, and confront our demons, and build a country that will guarantee to all shared prosperity.Size of a country or group, is not what determines whether a country or group will succeed or fail, it is the size and quality of the hearts of the people. We need to begin to love each other, and seek the good of each other.

We can build a country that is home to all Nigerians, irrespective of tribes, tongues, and religion.We don't all have to agree on all things at all times,but we can accommodate and tolerate each other. We are great and hardworking people. There is no country in the world, where you don't find Nigerians excelling in their chosen professions.Nigerians, are the most educated ethnic minority in the USA. Why can't we set aside the centrifugal tendencies, and unleash our great potentials?Whatever we need to do and move our country forward, let's do it. Some say we need to restructure and devolve power from the center to the other units,it is all good.To others, true federalism,is the solution.No problem.We need to talk and start talking now.We need to change our attitudes now. Nigeria,is our country and what we make of her, is up to us.God bless Nigeria.

By Kurtis Adigba.

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