Sen Andy Ubah Sowed In PDP But want to Reap In APC.

Things seems to be getting out of hand with all the aspirants under All Progressives Congress,APC.The ambition of their heart has made them blind to the truth and unable to accept what’s sensible and correct.Because anger and selfish thinking is the primary emotion being felt by the aspirants,they have become less able to think and act rationally and in some cases,even their senses do not work properly because of extreme anger jealousy among themselves.In the past three weeks, the camps of Andy Ubah,Tony Nwoye and Barth Nwibe have engaged themselves in a dangerous ego fight that has climaxed in Tony Nwoye calling Andy Ubah a traitor and a wicked soul with the worst crooked intention for Anambra State.Tony Nwoye last week Tuesday during his visit to a major Stakeholder in Oroma,Anambra West Local Government Council lambasted Andy Ubah for been ungrateful to people like him who made him what he is today.When I was the Chairman of PDP in Anambra State,I used the party's machinery to project the Ubah's and position them for elective positions in the State.I did the unimaginable for the family.No order,directive or instruction that came from Abuja them when Andy was with Obasanjo that I did not carry out.Some of the directives are still hunting me today,still,I chose to carry the cross alone.What did I get in return, betrayal from Andy.He blocked me in PDP and did everything to frustrate me.Dr. Nwoye further confirmed that Andy is an evil genius,the unseen hand in the destruction of Anambra properties in Anambra State in 2004.Today,he wants to govern the State.Tony swore that he will rather die than see Andy govern Anambra.

In the same vein,Engr. Barth Nwibe described Andy Ubah in Nimo as food-is-ready politician who want to reap where he did not sow.Andy Ubah sowed in PDP but now want to reap in APC.This is not possible and can never happen.He can throw money around but the truth is that Andy has nothing to give to Anambrarians.He is a stack illiterate who has been in power for over sixteen years with absolutely nothing to show for it. His local government,Aguata is the worst in the state in terms of federal presence and yet he is still at the federal level.The venom in Engr.Nwibe's speech is uncontrollable as his anger and frustration resulted in full display of irritability,rage,wrath,stress,resentment, loss of confidence,depression and other negative behaviors.But for many people anger and frustration result in irritability, rage,wrath,stress,resentment,loss of confidence, depression and other negative behaviors.He is particularly pissed with the comment from Andy that those contesting for the APC ticket with him have no experience and infact,have nothing.

The worst is yet to be seen or heard as Engr.Nwibe fumed that Anambra state is not the property of the Ubah’s of Uga community.He confirmed that antecedents of the senator who ruled Anambra for 17 days as a Governor,and recently joined APC from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to actualize his governorship ambition wasn't the man to hand the affairs of Anambra state.Andy Ubah is not a governorship material.He is not educated.He cannot handle files from ministries.Andy Ubah is simply a disaster in the last sixteen years he has been in the corridors of power.Another aspirant,Dr.Chike Obidigbo queried why the National Chairman of APC will lead Andy to the Secretariat?The attitude of our National Chairman was bad,intimidating and full of unspoken words.They have killed APC in Anambra State with just that exposure.If eventually Andy picked the ticket,I will personally fight him Obidigbo concluded.As the days roll by, the fight intensifies.Most of the aspirants are of the opinion that the National Chairman has killed the morale of other aspirants in Anambra State APC by collecting Five Hundred Million Naira from Andy Ubah.