Serious provocation on funny vibes.

Assuming you heard a knock on your  door and You wanted to stand up to open the door,in the process of standing up,you hit your leg on the table beside your bed and fell down...while trying to stand you kicked the bucket of water🗑 that was right under your bed..the bucket of water emptied in your room you wanted to pick up the bucket,due to the moisture of the  floor,you slipped off and this time hit the shelf of books which all your books dropped into the water.

The shelf deflected you and you landed on the bucket of water you were boiling with boiler.It shocked you mercilessly throwing you up and down ,While it was throwing you up and down your left hand mistakenly hit your 44 inches plasma t.v🖥 set and Your iPhone 7 was charging right under the t.v.

The t.v then fell on your  phone. And the both got destroyed.Then you  stood up to open the door cos the person was still knocking.Finally you have strength to open the door and you hear... "abeg you get pin mouth charger?What would you do?

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