singers should have deep and meaningful songs in their portfolio.-9ice

Naija singer 9ice, who has been under attack for allegedly showering praise on “Yahoo Boys” and promoting internet fraud in his latest hit tune, “Living Things,” has advised singers to have deep and meaningful songs in their portfolio. Speaking in an interview with Planet TV, 9ice stressed the need for his colleagues in the industry to record songs that are capable of standing the test of time, unlike the rampant so-called “freestyles” that they buy studio time to record.

According to 9ice, it’s not just about singing songs. It’s also important to leave a soothing legacy behind. His words;“To make music that’ll last longer than your lifespan, majority of your songs must not be freestyle. You must write and criticize your songs for about five times before recording it. Criticize your lyrics and make sure they are deep. Use a language, instances, and experiences that listeners can relate with.

Make choices of topics of people that affect people.”Further speaking, he said; “Don’t sing about things like Chicago in Nigeria and a life you don’t live. Sing about things that listeners know. Don’t sing about things they don’t know.” I’m guessing he’s admonishing them to do songs like his controversial.

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