Sound sultan urges Nigerian musicians who flaunt wealth on social media to quit bragging.

Nigerian sensational music star, Sound Sultan, has taken to social media to urge Nigerian musicians who flaunt wealth on social media to quit bragging about having so much wealth when they do not have such wealth in reality.Addressing the issue, the singer advised that singers should be more concentrated on having inner satisfaction before making efforts to live a flamboyant lifestyle just to meet up with the expectations of strangers.

Taking to social media, the longstanding music star wrote; “Don’t spend your money on packaging. 80% packaging, 20% managing.”Further addressing the issue, he wrote; “It is like constantly painting an empty house which you reside in. Take care of your inner satisfaction before trying to meet up with strangers’ expectation of you based on the industry lies and fake perception you try to keep up.

Enjoy your life by enjoying your life. You dig? Good luck?”Well, it can’t really be said what inspired Sound Sultan’s advice. But with the whole Dammy Krane credit card saga, Young6ix’s ex-sponsor calling Young6ix out for living a fake life, etc, the advice will serve.

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