That's not fair to say female Nigerian artists don't last long on spotlight says Omawumi.

Beautifully endowed Nigerian songstress, Omawumi, has come out to cry about the popular opinion held by music fans which have it that female artistes in Nigeria don’t last long on the spotlight before fading off the music scene.The female star vehemently came to the defense of all Nigerian female artistes during an interview session with Hip TV where she shut down the popular notion by remarking that it’s nothing but people’s way of discriminating against women.

Having been asked by Hip TV to give her take on the notion, Omawumi presented her defense saying,“That’s women discrimination; you know.In my opinion, I don’t think the women’s career is usually cut short.Some people thought that of me because I got married and had kids.I don’t think that’s fair.”

After airing her emotional opinion, fans turned her into a butt of many jokes by calling her out in all manner of ways, as several IG users took turns to throw stones at her like she was caught in the very act of adultery.One of the major things they said is that she is an artiste who hardly releases new music.

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