The act of jealousy a life threatening

Jealousy is a complex emotion that compasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation.let us begin by knowing what jealousy is all about;

☀Feeling angered because somebody you like or love is showing interest in somebody else.when someone feels his or her Love Has been taken away.Even children feel jealous when a new baby arrives,he or she thinks her mother's Love Has been taken away from him or her.

☀Feeling angry or unhappy because you wish you have something that nobody has.when somebody feel he or she is far more beautiful and handsome than them.

☀feeling uncomfortable because you want to keep or protect something you have because it makes you proud, for example being jealous of your good reputation.

☀Having a fear within you that somebody might be greater than you.

☀ The surest way to get rid of the very person you are afraid of losing.when you allow yourself to get jealous you cannot love.

☀One trying as much possible to bring you down,have this in mind, the person is already below you,that is sure tendency of jealousy.

Therefore jealousy is a natural instinct in all animals and humans,no one is exempted.It is a natural phenomenon,every one of us are born with it. Everyone has felt a pang of jealousy for or against one another for some reasons best known to us. Uncontrollable jealousy can make us lose focus and depression may set in.There was a situation where a girl poured acid on a fellow  girl because of jealousy.She Thought the girl was dating her boyfriend and at last what happened was that she found out that there was nothing going on between the girl and her boyfriend.The gruesome mistake has been done all because of jealousy.If you were to be in the girl's shoe what will you do? We should always thread carefully when dealing with jealousy.Jealousy have affected alot of people in their lives all because of jealousy.

Some bad friends can severe a good relationship by planting the seed of jealousy in either or both parties concern by gossips.Jealousy is like a wild fire that consumes both offender and the offended.Jealousy can destroy what one has built for years under a twinkle of an eye.Jealousy if not checked can make somebody become suicidal.The Heart ache associated with jealousy has destroyed many marriages,good relationship,families,workers establishments,politicians even countries.For example you remember Joseph in the bible,his brothers nearly killed him and sold him into slavery all because they were jealous of him and his dreams.

Dialogue has been found to solve many jealousy tendencies,try always to authentic facts or proves before taking action so that you won't regret later.Instead of being jealous of somebody why not imitate the person.Afterall they say imitation is better than jealousy,if your fears are confounded,tell it to a friend or be matured to handle it.Keep as far as away from what is making you feel jealous.To Imitate is better than jealousy.