The difference between virginity and dignity:An advice to young men and ladies.

Someone once asked me, If a person who wanted to keep his or her virginity got raped, hasn't the virginity been lost? Then I replied:As far as I'm concerned, a person's virginity can only be lost when given out willingly or ignorantly because there is a big difference between Sex and Rape.So virginity is not really lost unless it is willfully or ignorantly given out.There are two types of virgins;The pure and  renewed virgins.The pure virgins are pure even in the secret place.I have seen people brag on their being virgins but they masturbate and do dirty and unspeakable things in secret do you even know that most girls who claim to have not had sex flirt around with boys? how do you know a pure virgin? Every pure virgin has this sense of DIGNITY; a feeling of self worth, value of one's body and privacy but this type of virgins are very rare to find.

Then the renewed virgin,most people don't know that virgins can be renewed.That you were raped is not the end, many young ladies suddenly became too loose because they were violated against their will.Do you know Oprah Winifrey was a virteous role model to most women of today but she was raped at the age of 9 ,but then I asked how was it her fault? It wasn't really her fault.She went through lots of emotional trauma but the dignity was not lost, her pride as a woman was still intact, she renewed her virginity by taking a decision to keep her body for her husband alone and today, she's celebrated.Any man who is head-bent on marrying a virgin, doesn't really know what he wants, in terms of marriage, it takes a woman of dignity to keep to fidelity.

Do you even know that virginity can be broken but Dignity is never broken.If you feel you are a virgin, go get dignity because virginity without dignity is just a beautiful nonsense.The true definition of a whore or Slut is a man or a woman who has lost both virginity and dignity,don't go flirting because you feel you have lost your virginity.Renew your virginity,Carry yourself with pride and dignity.Mind you, virginity is not just a girl thing, there are male virgins.Sex must not be part of that relationship and never you mistaken sex for love.

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