The life of a slay queen.

Being decent is a behavior that conforms to acceptable standards of morality or respectability of one's life. There is a story of a girl who so much grave for fame.It all started like this ,She used to be decent.She post decent pictures and decent write ups:Results: 3likes 0 comments.She got frustrated because she is bored and needs attention.She decided to post a sexy picture one morning.Result: 50 likes 20 comments. Wow,she goes wild.She post her pictures from the swimming pool wear those sexy pants and bra.Result:450 likes 100 comments.The Journey of the slay queen has begin.She post a video on Facebook of her twerking in her room.Result: over 5000 views 400 comments.Any thing she post is now an instant hit.She hustle to get to good Location to snap and showcase online because to her it's a full time business.Her inbox is now busy With men begging for numbers, young and old men alike.They start promising her cash for a visit.She refuse at first, she insults people who does not comment well on her post.Men start fighting on her wall . She reads and laugh at their foolishness .

She feels like a celebrity already even offline but forget we have billions of facebook users that don't know her.She started connecting with other slay queens.She starts hitting the club every now and then.Learns how to smoke shisha.By now she starts demanding for recharge card from those inbox toasters. Gradually she starts collecting money and starts visiting men,She has now changed her facebook name to something more sexy,She starts using cream to enhance her breast and back side.From there henceforth, she is now a child of the world.But we have all forgotten how we made her the prostitute she has now become.How we have collectively turn that decent girl into a prostitute.Remember it all started with our likes and comments .She wished to be gentle and decent but we prefer the nude side of her .(It was her decision to be wayward but we made it easy for her). If we have ignore her nude post, she would have been discouraged.But we gave her the fire she needed to start.

The matured ones who should have inbox her to quit were begging for nude pictures and promising her heaven on earth.But they forget their daughters will be a victim too.They forget their daughter might be lure one day, rape , killed etc.It all started with a LIKE AND COMMENT.Internet users are now attached to likes and comments.Facebook even sells LIKES and FOLLOWERS.So we can either break or make someone destiny online.Before you click on that button praising that prostitute's video, picture , kindly think of the effects.The above illustration show you how we changed that decent girl to an online prostitute.We don't know how she will end up whether good or bad.please comment and like things that is more beffiting and educational, things that we will really benefit from.That comment and like a day on social media may destroy destinies,please use it WISELY.