The Man Who Dealt With Aboki The Okada Rider On Funny Vibes .

Instead of these Aboki Okada Riders to tell you that they dnt know the place you are going to, They will just Call price for you.

So I decided to teach one of them a lesson.

Me : Bike, Bike, you dey go?

Aboki: Where u dey go?

Me : Australia, How much?

Aboki: Kai, how much u go pay

Me : You Tell me how much u go collect..

Aboki: 200

Me : huh? Australia nor far na, no be 100 naira?

Aboki: No na 200 (About Leaving)

Me : (Ehn? where u dey go? na me and u today) Oya make we go...

Starts Bike..... Pinhhhhh..... Pohhhhh

Its 2hours now, we are still on our way to Australia..... Aboki Don Run all the road wet dry for community and am enjoying the Ride.

Aboki: oga, I Neva reach?

Me : No ooo e remain small, but you say you know the place.?

Aboki: Yes I know am, e dey for front but your money Don pass 200.

Me : no wahala, I go Add 100 naira... Just continue.....i come siddon pose wella..
Me:(Formymind). Shey u say u get Sense... I will Teach you today.