The need for a wife to build with her husband.

Marriage is a holy matrimony or wedlock that is recognised formally or legally by the two spouses that establish rights and obligations.If you as a wife want to keep your marriage alive and loving all the time,you must learn how to build with your husband.Building with your husband entails both physical and spiritual in nature without any reservations.In building with him, wisdom must be apply in all you do.You must understand that wisdom is the necessarily the same as  I.Q.Wisdom is good sound of judgment, common sense and doing right.

One of the ways a wife can build up with a husband is to back him up completely in everything.Your husband being the head of the house(by divine arrangement) needs you as a help mate to build with him like taking care of the children school fees,sometimes provide for the meal,help him financially when he is down, always pray for him and take charge of the family affair.As a saying goes behind every successful man there is a good woman.

A husband and a wife are meant to complement each other.Wives try to build with your husbands through prayer, submissiveness,encouragement and admiration.Try to commit your husbands always to God to guide and see him through in every situation.A Wife should build with her husband as a helper not as a Competitor.In obedience to God, a wife accepts her place in the family under her husband,this means she allows her husband to function in his responsibility with her full support,she permits him to make final decision.

A wife should build with the husband by appreciating him and praising him not by taking offense and nagging him all the time.There are many benefits you will derive in building with your husband,you will have this sense of fulfillment as a good helper and a soul mate.The foundation you laid in your marriage will go a long way to  determine your goals and achievements in your old age.