The true legend called isekhure who performes all the royal rites on behalf of oba in Benin Kingdom.

The late Chief Eguavoen Isekhure in the 1940s.The title, Isekhure of Benin Kingdom according to Benin history was created in 1200's.As the Chief Priest, the Isekhure’s residence accommodates a shrine, which bears the relics and adornments of the Benin ancestral worship.

The shrine, according to tradition provides an avenue for the Benin people to maintain spiritual authority and discipline within the kingdom.The Isekhure performs all royal rites on behalf of the Oba, as the Oba cannot perform those royal rites.

The Oba therefore delegates this authority to the Isekhure by issuing him with a staff of office known as Urhototo, which means, the scarlet staff that no ordinary man can hold.And this go beyond from generation to generation from different family.

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