Things most people hate about sex.

Sex means different things to different people,one can explain it as a healthy and natural activity.It is something most people enjoy.Sex refers to an act that can sexually arouse one and it can be more than sexual intercourse which includes kissing,caressing and oral sex.You can also have sex with yourself which is called masturbation.What most people hate about sex is:

☀Men who pass directly after orgasm:sex is not a marathon, there are times where one need to catch a few Zs after you get yours but want to tell you there is nothing worst than a dude who is just ready to leave your eager,orgasm less body to wither and die on the other side of the bed. If he is not going to do the right and learn to hold off a bit on his orgasm,the least he can do is make sure he finishes her off  in other ways,so that she won't complain to her girlfriends how bad you are in bed.

☀Sex partner who refuse to engage in oral sex yet expect the other to provide:There is no law that say one must engage in oral sex and there is no rule that say one shouldn't engage in oral sex,but if you are the kind that is scared to see the sight of a Vaginal or the sight of a penis don't expect otherwise.Foreplay is a give and take kind of thing and it requires sex partners the ability to do things strictly for the joy of pleasing.

☀Opposing protection:The I don't know you,I don't know your life and because of that you are not giving it in,your mind is not on it, you don't feel safe around him or her.This must be down on you.I recommend you stop having sex post haste.

☀Having feelings against your will:If someone has worked out the magic formular to having an awesome sex for whom you never develop real emotion and with whom things never get complicated or painful.You can talk to a close friend about the feeling.

☀Some people are not funny at the aspect of sex:Some might sleep off or some might queef,anything can happen.But if you are not the kind of person who makes things all weird and awkward and your  sex partner is not capable of having a good laugh about the odd of natural aspect of human body.Are you the one who make lackluster sex? being able to laugh is what makes everything great and comfortable to experiment all the saucy positions.

☀Oblivious fake orgasms:Some people fake orgasms especially an orgasm that seem to be too good to be true.Some times some men has earnest dissapointment,fustration and disbelief, asking her why can't you cum,every other girl did.Brother it is your fault.

☀Not taking time to properly clean oneself:There is sure a sweaty moment of post workout love but that doesn't mean every time you meet,you are exempt from having to give things a good little scrub. They are people who love its natural smell down there but that doesn't give you the reason not to properly clean up.

☀Applying sex moves that were clearly learned from a bad porno:Stop watching porn and start watching the way your partner's body moves,that sure will be better.

☀Not listening:If your sex partner is not listening it means they are not interested,doesn't like it or they feel uncomfortable.Just ask what they want and they can actually listen and in listening and learning they become good and happy.