Things most women don't know about their vagina.

The vagina is a muscular and tubular part of female genital tract.Your vagina has Been with you since your existence,but how well do you know about it? Or are you the kind of girl who is too shy to ask some question? Chances are there are plenty things you have wondered about the area down there,from what to expect after child birth to normal sexual functions.Think we have a great information to help you know things about your vagina.

☀It cleanses itself :Side the soap and harsh cleansers you apply to your vagina,woman your vagina keeps itself clean.It is lined up by variety of glands that produce the fluids needed to both lubricate and cleanse the vagina area.While a little mild soap on the labia area is okay,your body does a fine job of keeping the inside clean.

☀It grows in size when aroused:The length of the vagina is 3-4 inches long,it double in length when aroused says Dr Rankin.But many women still have pain during sex, this is because your partner is on a larger side.Recommending using plenty lubricant and going slow.The more arouse you feel the less intercourse will hurt.

☀The appearance of your vagina changes with age:Just like your face,your vagina also wrinkles with age.This is a fact of life.The labia may become less Plump asset estrogen levels wane,fatty pads labia shrinks and less collagen can lead to more sagging.The skin of the vulva may become darken or lighten and this may shrink the clitoris and in rare cases this may not affect the pleasure your vagina may bring you.

☀Something can get loss in your vagina like the tampon:Women are wreaking out right now but don't be worried the vagina is bounded at the inner end by the vagina's own tissue,in other words your vagina is not connected to another area of your body,so don't worry about anything going missing.Sometimes by accidentally your tampon can get lodge deep in your vagina during intercourse but not to be worried,if this happens you can consult your health provider.

☀Some women ejaculate with orgasm:This is very common but sure it will definitely happen.As a woman gets older,they should learn how their body works.The glands around the urethrathe tube between the bladder and the outside wall that secrete fluid particularly when the anterior wall of the vagina is stimulated.

☀Your vagina may changes after child birth:The difference between a larger speculum for a woman who has given birth and one who hasn't,you can tell from a woman who has a torn during childbirth in which case she may have a faint scar at the site of her tear or episiotomy.

☀Your vagina stays healthier when you are using it with some regularity:Just like a bicep,use it or lose it.But not only does sex keep the sensitivity part of the vagina tissue healthy but it almost look as if your yoni has a memory.If you neglect your vagina for too long,no sex, no kegel exercise,the walls of your vagina becomes fragile and if menopause strikes,it may scar and close off a bit.But sex isn't the only option,your health provider may suggest specific exercise and instrument that will help your vagina stay in shape.

☀Vagina discharges varies from one woman to another:Every woman are born different,some women produce much less and other produce much more and the variations are completely normal.Most women have ectropion when the mucus producing glands that are usually on the inside of the cervix evert onto the outside of the cervix.If your vagina has a normal feature,you may produce more cervical mucus which may increase the amount of vagina discharge you have.