Though They Call It Vegetable But Its Not For Light Brains on funny vibes.

Rasaki tried it, and this is his story:

I was hanging out alone in a bush smoking some hard weed at around 11pm. I decided to leave for my house but no taxi on that route at that time of the night, so i started recalling old comedies and started laughing on ma own jeje and i also decided to hitch a ride home if possible.

It started raining heavily and suddenly a range rover jeep stopped by my side. I quickly jumped into the passengers side and closed the door then the car started moving, and just when I was about to say thank you to the driver, I discovered there was no one in the car. I started to freak out but was too scared to jump out of a moving vehicle.

When the car got to a bend, a hand came in through the driver's window and turned the steering wheel.

This happened twice and on the third time I totally freaked out, jumped out of the car screaming and landed in a ditch full of rain water. I got up and ran for my dear life and entered the nearest bar I found.

After downing 4 bottles of Odeku and narrating my ghost story to anyone who cared to listen, three guys just walked into the same bar all drenched in rain water.

One of them pointed at me and said, "isn't that the mad man who entered the car while we were pushing it"?