Warning Signs that Show when a relationship is on breaking point.

Every relationship has its high and
low moments.Even at times, not foreseen, things could suddenly change to a point of disbelief.Ugly surprises do occur in relationships,but the fact remains that they do give us warning signs.Nobody wants a split in their relationship, hence, we ignore these signs especially when we either feel safe in it or we don’t want to let go.The important side to this is that, making a relationship work isn't a lone
decision.It takes you two to get at it, making efforts and showing commitment.
No matter how unexpected a break-up seem to have happened, it always come
along with alerts.The various warning
signs, and they could be silent or just
too obvious even when you ignore
them.I understood that every stage of a
relationship comes with uncertainties and the possibility of surviving at such moments would depend on the strength of the both parties.It would be a matter of
concern if you or your partner chooses to deal with it alone.Break-up do happen, even to promising relationships, it’s mostly prompted by contrary influence,incompatibility or inability to compromise some standards.Whichever way it comes,there are signs foretelling the possibility of a split in your relationship and here are signs for both genders that should get your attention:
1.When their excuse is always the
same or contradictory.
2.When they stop doing what they
did to get and win you.
3.When you’re often compared to
their ex.
4.When he loves his privacy.
5.When she starts keeping sensitive
6.When she makes important
decisions without your consent.
7.When she gets mad at minor
issues, and especially starts nagging.
8.When you’re alone and nothing
seems missing .You ran a whole day
without his thought going through
your mind?
9.When he introduces you as his
friend and not his girl/woman/
fiancée (as the case may be).
10.When they no longer cares about
important matters that concerns you.
11.When they always find a fault
about you to defend or justify their
12.When they take their friends as
more priority than you.
13.When he replaces regular calling
with text messages.
14.When she’s not always happy
around you.
15.When it’s only sex that keeps your
relationship alive.
16.When he gives you no attention
because of his friends or job.
17.When they’re not in any way
jealous about your friends of
opposite sex or concerned about the
calls you receive.This isn't
insecurity, it only shows they’re
keenly interested in you and the fact
that they can’t afford to lose you.
18.When he no longer seek your
opinion or careless about them.
19.When she communicates less
with you but complains more.
20.When they hide their phones
from you.
21.When she’s being controlled by
her mother.
22.When he doubts every excuse or
reason you give.
23.When she settles for you alone
and avoids your family or friends.
24.No discussion about the future or
they plan their future without you in
the picture.
25.When she ask for a breakregularly.
26.When both of you finds it difficult
to make collective decision(s) or
remain on the same page on
important matters.
27.When there is nothing to propel
you into mutual conversations with
them.When they become ungrateful for
the good deeds and favours you did for them.
These warning signs are for caution.If you don’t give them good attention, it could result in a sudden break-up on your relationship.If you ever experience any of these disturbing signs,have a good discussion with your partner and try never to ignore it.In a relationship, you’re truly happy when your partner is happy.A one-sided affair will always find its way to hit the rock.The good side to this is that these signs can be swiftly identified;it’s either what he or she stops doing or what he or she starts doing.Whichever way, don’t let the negative signs be,don’t manage any,don’t prevent or ignore,cure them.Heal your relationship of little faults because it could form a breaking point for more trouble.
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