Whenever it is dirty, criminal, greedy,foolish, the Igbos are there.

Something seems to be going on in the Nigerian political space for sometime now and so unfortunately, it has been discovered that only one set of people in the country are always involved.Selfishness, dirtiness, foolishness and greediness are just the few words to qualify the actions of these set of people.It has been the case now in the country that wherever there is confusion in the Nigerian space, the Igbo man is always at the middle of it all. If it is not happening with an election result from INEC , it is happening in the streets and under the control of no other person but an Igbo man.Why do these Igbo men and women make themselves an available willing tool for confusion and dirty games? Is it the quest for wealth or just the natural thing about the average Igbo being?Why are they always playing prominent role in dirty things in the country?

Let us not go down talking about the activities/roles of the different INEC chairmen but concentrate on individuals who see everything as an opportunity to make money.At a time, it took the greed and foolishness of one Igbo man named Arthur Nzeribe with his criminal group ABN to almost push this nation into a serious war.Of all Nigerians, it was only this Nzeribe, an Igbo man that was a willing tool fori ex- military President Ibrahim babangida to plunge Nigeria into a 6 years crisis.Just for his ''me and me'' alone greed.Then again, came another Igbo man's era to avail himself to the Abacha junta to use in plotting another unimaginable crime in Nigeria.His name is Daniel Kanu with his YEAA criminal group he almost succeeded in aiding Abacha to take over Nigeria as his property.Of all Nigerians,it was the Igbo man again who saw the business potentials in the Abacha's deadly proposal and instantly he embraced it. Made so much money at the expense of our collective well being as a nation.Does it matter to him? NEVER. All that mattered was the free cash coming to him.

This was 20 years ago but even at that, the Igbos are not yet done with making themselves available to be used.Today, another Igbo man in the person of Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe appears to be setting his anus for these people to dig in again and settle his bank account.Few days ago, this hypocritical senator was at the floor of the NASS, pushing his luck by asking that the senate president,Senator Bukola Saraki be confirmed by the house as the acting president.The cheeky man started by wearing a smile and making it look like he was joking but in truth, he was damn serious.He informed the house that Nigeria has no president,no vice president and the acting president is nowhere to be found, therefore,in his Igbo brainful of money, he suggested that his colleagues should approve and confirm Saraki as the Acting president. Agreed, it was laughed over in the floor but who can tell what might be going on now among these vultures called Senators.Let me state here that the only time an Igbo led a just cause in Nigeria was the coup of 1966.Apart from this,every other thing the Igbos have been involved that has to do with governance in Nigeria, it has always been dirty, greedy and foolishness.Just,why always the Igbos?

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