Wives Buckle Up And Take Charge.

Have you ever wondered why some men don't carry their wives along?I have heard some wives complain "he bought a land and did not tell me", "He invested in a business and am not aware" He made travelling plans and I only discovered when the plans had clicked",He goes for functions alone, "He has never travelled with me" bla..bla..bla..bla. and all that bullshit.Madam,have you checked yourself?Have you proven to that man that you are knowledgeable enough to handle some of these major decisions,are you sure you are not the flippant type who cannot keep information once you are told about an incubating plan your parents,siblings and friends will hear about it,have you built trust and confident? Can you handle the sight of Money or when you see your husband with money and your body will be shaking,that's when you come up with list of needs?

Have this in mind, he will start hiding his money, payslips and plans.Are you even interested in his job schedule?,are you interested in his extracurricular activities? If he loves football,woman get involved ,watch with him,if he loves golf you too love it and be involved.If he loves politics,you too buckle up to do with him whatever that pleases him.I so much Love the Wife of the Past Governor of Cross River State,mrs Ekaette Unoma Akpabio,She is a strong woman,she was deeply involved in every activities the husband was involved in.She had a voice, she was relevant,she was carried along. You can't take her unaware,She was in Charge and took Charge.

Dnt get me wrong please,My point is Wives stop sitting in there like a figure head,so dormant all you know is giving birth, changing diapers and taking your children to school.Things are happening right under your nose and you are not sensitive enough to discern,a side chick is the site contractor of your new house,she is the one your husband is consulting for major decisions,she is the one choosing designs for the kitchen you will occupy,she is your husband's fashion adviser,she shops for your family and your husband  will bring it home,and you are just carrying your clumsy body up and down.Wives wake up and shine your eyes.Stop being dump.Occupy your postion fully as the first lady of that home.