You can deform my face but not my spirit,Pretty Nigerian Acid Attack Survivor Naomi Oni speaks about her ordeal.

Beauty in deformity,Pretty Nigerian Acid Attack Survivor, Naomi Oni Shares her story .A very pretty UK-based Nigeria lady who had acid hurled in her face by her jealous childhood friend who spent years trying to emulate her looks.Nigerian former Victoria's Secret worker, Naomi Oni, whose jealous childhood friend, Mary Konye, poured acid on her face in 2012, has taken to her Instagram page to share some adorable new photos and Tori News couldn't help but celebrate her.

Naomi's attacker, Konye, who had been her friend since the age of 11 and was obsessed with her and emulated all she did which lured her in dousing acid on her face, is currently serving a 12 year jail sentence. Konye had become very obsessed with Naomi, jealous of her good looks and, after an argument between them, attacked her with acid in 2012.She disguised herself in a veil to stalk her friend from work and shortly before Naomi reached her home, Konye doused her with concentrated sulphuric acid, leaving her scarred for life.Naomi who was 22-year-old then, suffered burns to her face and chest in the attack near her home in Dagenham, east London, in December 2012.

In an interview few months ago, Naomi said her jealous friend, Konye, copied her clothes and hairstyle, even mimicking the way she spoke, her laugh and walk.She had told News :'If I wrote texts, spoke, laughed or walked in a certain way, she'd do that too. And she'd say "I look just like you, don't I?"'If police hadn't caught her, I'm sure she would have gone on to kill'.Naomi had revealed that she and her friend fell out after she discovered Konye was trying to steal her boyfriend, sending him anonymous texts claiming Naomi was sleeping with other men.Naomi said: She had copied my entire life, now she wanted my boyfriend.
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