A man has been reported to have broken his penis while having sex.

A man has been reported to have broken his penis while having sex with his wife.Pushing the limit too much while having sex with different sex position could end in breaking one’s penis says a Sexologists.According to News “the man and his wife were having sex when he heard a cracking sound,followed by his penis immediately swelling up and developing dark bruising,making it resemble an eggplant.

When the man arrived at the hospital,his penis was badly swollen,discoloured,and protruding at an odd angle. “The doctors diagnosed the man with a penile fracture. They equally said that experts warn that a penile fracture is actually a tear of the corpora cavernosa,an erectile tissue that runs along the penis.Speaking further, experts said that Corpora cavernosa becomes hard when blood flows through it during an erection.

However it was reported that doctors were able to fix the injured man’s penis.The Daily Mail stated that without immediate treatment,a broken penis can lead to erectile dysfunction and other complications.Finally,it is said that as long as one sees a doctor immediately one notices such,he could be able to have sex again in four to six weeks.