AGIP Oil to pay okpai community N50M to bury killed crocodile.

The people of Okpai community
in Ndokwa East in delta state,the host
community to AGIP Oil Company and managers of the largest gas plant in sub-Saharan Africa,have demanded to be paid N 50 million for the death of a Crocodile during their operations in the area.The Pointer newspaper learnt that the incident
occurred last week.Our source further stated that the animal is a totem and the money was meant to cleanse the land of the effects of the desecration.
The community had to stop the activities of the company in the area the crocodile was killed,and demanded that for the company to continue its operations,the crocodile must first be buried.Series of negotiation was entered to calm the feelings of the community,but they insisted that the animal must be properly buried to avoid destructive consequences on the land.
After serious of negotiation,the company and community arrived at the N50 million to be paid before the burial of the crocodile,which is presently in a mortuary in Kwale,Ndokwa West Local Government Area awaiting the payment by the oil firm.