Cant stop laughing on funny vibes

A 5yrs old girl asked her mother: ' Mummy do all angels fly? Her mother replied;  "Yes.... they do and why do you ask?" The girl said when you went to the saloon yesterday to make your hair,  Daddy called our housemaid "My angel"  Mummy will she fly? Mummy replied.... "Yes dear! She will fly back to her village tomorrow and she will never return again"

"A pastor announced, "If you know your wife is controlling you, move to the left". All the men in the church moved to left except one man .The pastor was happy there was at least one strong man,and asked,"How come ur wife can't control you?"The man quietly replied, "it's my wife who told me not to move".

A girl in her sleep was dreaming.She dreamt that she was engaged,still in her sleep,she was getin married to d same lucky man.After d wedding,she became pregnant and was rushed 2 d delivery room and d nurse ask her 2 push.She pushed and delivered a baby but d nurse told her it was still remaining,she pushd and delivered the second baby,and she was told it was still remaining another  baby.As she was trying to push the third baby out,her room mate shouted juliana
wakeup!...U don shit for bed.


How did d Fight start?

After Service on Sunday,a Wife saw Her Husband sitting quietly in the Church Garden.She got concerned and decided to ask Him.

Wife: Hey Darling,why are you sitting so quietly in the Garden? What is Bothering you?

Husband: I am thinking about the Confession of Our Pastor.It's making me Uncomfortable.

Wife: What is it?

Husband:The Pastor confessed that he has Slept with all the Married Women and single Girls in the Church but only one Woman didn't want to Sleep with him becos she fears God.

Wife: It must be that Madam Comfort...She's always doing Holy Holy.

Na there the fight start!
N100 and N1000 were best friends.One day they had an accident and both died. On reaching paradise entrance, Angel allowed N100 to enter freely.So N 1000 asked.My Lord, am I not 10 times more valuable than him? How can he enter while I'm outside? Angel answered. N100 & his siblings N50, N20, N10 always come to church but you are always present in parties, restaurants and shopping centre,so disappear, I don't want to see you.

Pls let's help N1000 to enter Heaven....take him to church.
A beautiful,sexy good looking lady was sitting next to a guy inside the plane.The lady said to him, "can you help me to
remove something from my breast?..please".The exciting young man replied. "Wow! It will be my pleasure;so what is it"?The lady answered .... "your eyes".....Idiot!!

A prostitute asked a doctor  to make another hole near her pussy.The doctor was surprised and asked why? She answered,business is going well,I want to open another branch.

After Sex....

Boy: Thanks love... I really had a nice time..

Girl: Me too honey..... but why didn't you tell me you had a "small" guitar? 

Boy: Am sorry darling, It's because I didn't know I was going to be performing in a "community hall"