Devil go commot hand for your matter on funny vibes.

He Invited You To His Place.He Cooked Indomie.He Didn't Even Put Egg
He Can't Afford Wine,so he Bought Pepsi Orobo.You Asked For his charger,you realised it's a Join-Join One With 6 different Cello tapes,then after kissing and all.He said "Baby If I don't Sex you now my stomach Will be paining me.

That's How You too just Lie down Like bag of Rice.You are a big fool sister.That One that cannot afford egg, is he the
One that will buy Pampers? Pampers Is Now #4,500.My Sister Come Forward,Just Come Forward.

Today Is Your day,devil go comot hand from your matter today,I'm not beating you naa,haba just come first.Oya Kneel down,i wan pray for you,shout this..whosoever that swalloweth my sense.Oya vomit it by fire,hold this chair and shout are delivered.