Facebook users blast mark zuckerberg for being “unable” to father a male child.

If Facebook founder/Chief Executive Officer,Mark Zuckerberg,felt that everybody would be thrilled by the announcement of the birth of his second child,a baby girl christened August,he was mistaken.While the post announcing the birth on his Facebook wall has so far gathered two million reactions ranging from ‘like,’ ‘love’ to ‘wow,’ and has notched 44,417 shares,with well wishers jostling one another to be counted as they left loving messages on his wall.

some have used the opportunity to lambaste Zuckerberg for being “unable” to father a male child.One of such unsparing critics is a man who goes by the Nigerian (Yoruba) name Amoo Joshua Oluwatimilehin.Oluwatimilehin appeared miffed that despite all his wealth and fame,Zuckerberg found it exceedingly difficult to “floor” his wife, as he has so far had two babies,none of which is male.

So many people like the men,others descended heavily on him, calling him names.Oluwatimilehin fired back, with copius uncomplimentary names and insults to anyone who condemns his comment. The alleged Nigerian is not alone, by the way; as another Facebook user, one Hu Keazz, also of no identifiable social media face, spoke in the same vein,with his sneer couched in religious tone: