Fan of Omotola Ekehinde is angry with her for refusing to divorce father of her children to marry him.

A fan of Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde who goes by the name Godwin Ahmed; is angry with Omotola Ekehinde for refusing to divorce her hubby and father of her children to marry him.Great is Godwin’s anger,that he is wishing Omotola death in these words “Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, your death must come heavily this year by an accident”.

The infatuated fans say he is wishing the screen goddess death because he in boxed Omotola to divorce her husband and Marry him but rather than granting him his request the star actress and singer blocked him instead even after he had promised Omosexy that he will worship her and even wash her under wears.

The angry lover wanna be vent his anger further by calling her shameless and an Idiot.We however hope that this death wish is not treated with kid gloves because many a international celebrity have been hurt by obsessed fans,below is a list of famous stars who have been victims of some seriously creepy stalkers.This is one part of stardom that would make most people nervous and rightly so.