Flirty colors men really adore in women.

Most women say they dress to kill and look great like a fashionista.To look attractive and gets attention.Most  woman in fashion world  knows what works for her all the time.she make sure she has that confident in her and therefore radiating all over her outfit so that when their opposite sex sees them, they adorn them.Whether you like it or not women always wear attractive colors in New style,design and patterns in order to create New trends for others.Women dress to oppress their fellow women or to impress men most especially when they are on date.So if you have an event with that special someone,have it in mind that certain colors convey many things like;creating your personal color chat. Red and green may go as a pair but depending on your skin tone,it may just clash horribly.Once you have mastered it to pulling varied colors together you are on the go.Here are Some flirty colors men adore on their women:

☀BLACK:Though people take black as a mourning color,most men like it basically because it is plain and simple and then it oozes sexiness,sophistication and class in women but mostly the color goes with a fair complexion women with big bones.Wearing black all through as a watching outfit doesn't look good and can be annoying and though refer you as someone that is mourning.You can mix it up with other colors.


❄Bold  Statement Accessories:Whether you are dressing in a black dress,wear glitzy and eye catching earrings and bracelets.It make you look festive and fun, but too long necklace will make you look long and lean,this accessories not necessarily good for slim figure.

❄You can pair your black dress with sexy color heels like blue and red but also you can pair it with other colors of your choice.Shoes and bags not left out.

❄You can update you black dress with a plumping hair style,sure looks great.

☀RED; Like they say rest symbolizes danger but in fashion world it shows boldness, confidence and feminity in women.It is an attractive colors and  romantic in dinner party but not all women can rock red without looking tacty but those that can make red stand out looks sexy and heart warming.Red color dress is really beautiful and you have niche and right accessories to put on with it.


❄When looking for a suitable items to wear with your red dress like shoe, have a great metallic besides gold,a silver will do whether it is pointed toe-pumps,brogues or sandals,they make a great pair,silver shoe are best matched with metallic jewelry in the same shade along with a red dress and a simple handbag.

☀WHITE:Men love white because it symbolizes purity,class, dignity and is a timeless color.The beauty of white is its pure versality.Most influential women in the society wear white because it is impressive and classy.


❄Try wearing it with a little stacked bangle,accessories like tan,sky high heels and with bold belt.

☀PINK:This is a flirty Color,most men adore women who look feminine and pink shows feminity and softness.People say pink is a childish color and as well meant to be worn by children,that so untrue.But one thing about pink color dress is that it cannot  be worn at all time.It is an occasional  trendy color and mostly suitable for dinner party or on a date.


❄Both bright and softer shades such as mauve and baby pink look fresh with navy.Rock it with a black heel shoes.

❄Don't pink top and pink short.

❄Don't over do it by wearing heavy accessories,just light will be fantastic.

☀YELLOW;This is another trendy color men really like on their women because of its wholesomeness and elegance.It is a very attractive color because of its bright nature and always seem to be pronounced whenever you are sighted with it.It syndicate harmony and it stimulates men's appetite.Even though it is one of the most tricky color to wear, yellow is big this season with looks in belt,shoe, dresses, tops and even pants.You can be wholesome with yellow as long as you know how to coordinate this bright color with the rest of your outfit.The key to wearing yellow is not over doing it. Yellow looks great when paired with white,jeans and soft blue top.


❄pair yellow dress with skinny belt,it looks fashionable,if you want but not necessary.

❄Yellow has the wow-factor for evening but full length dress is so loud for you,you can get a delicate knee-length version.

❄Accessorizing with yellow,try update your current wardrobe with bright bag, shoe,belt and a ring,but remember not to wear yellow all through.The best way to wear yellow is little by little.

☀GREEN:Men like green because it symbolizes wealth and color of life. Though they say it is wrong to be green with envy and the color is sign of jealousy.One good thing about green is that it is epitome of health and wealth and it is suitable for women of all shades.


❄Cute outfit:Find a fit and fabric flatters your figure,not everyone can do a body hugging tube dress but super cut dress may be universally flattering.

❄Accessories:This don't mean with a Christmas light necklace and Rudolph earrings,pick trendy or casual jewelry, shoes and bags to go with them.

❄Pick solid shades:A pattern dress may be tempting but solid colored dress will be great for dates and night out with girls and also appropriate for wedding and baby shower and more.

☀BLUE:It shows a little flair and freezy around you.Most men like blue because it gets the ultimate sex bomb look that stands out from the crowd.It is an epitome of style -uncommon,unself-conscious and oh-so sexy.


❄Keep it simple and sexy even when you are trying to go for maximum,think sexy,not slutty,trashy or cheap.

❄Your blue outfit doesn't need much accessories because some times,less is more.Blue is a sharp color,coming up with much accessories will look like a clown.Wear it less,so you really looking good at the end if the day.

❄Metallic may be the rage,a metallic gold purse,belt,shoes and bangles etc all worn together will end up garish.Inject them into your entire reservation and focus on how they make your blue outfit looks and not vice-versa.