Gov Ifeanyi Okowa Is Making Steady Progress-- Ebinum

The Senior Special Assistant to Delta State Governor on Contributory Health Commission,Solomon Ebinum maintained that their are lots of evidence-based revelations that Governor Okowa is working;the infrastructure upgrade in health facilities and schools,youth empowments,road constructions,job creations,continued to be pivots around which the SMART Agenda is revolving and enjoin the people to appreciate the efforts being made by him in making the state a better place.

Although He said that the governor had stood up to the economic challenges that is facing the nation and Delta inclusive,stayed focused,investing in the people,expanding infrastructure, thereby making the future of the state bright.The people will always ask for more because of the man in the Pilot's seat who has obviously captured their hearts as they see him as “one of them,” but claimed that so far,Governor Okowa has in no small measure endear himself to the people.

He affirmed that the fish,poutry and pig farming,rice cultivation,production and processing,crop production and jobs programme,and many poverty reduction interventions put in place by the government would reduce youth unemployment and better the living conditions of the ordinary Deltan.The governor is careful,cautious,and deeply thoughtful but has staked strong claims for generous values and policies,and that is why it is important for the people to tenaciously support him in implementing policies and programmes that would transform the state and change their lives, he said.