How to win a man for keeps.

So many girls or women had this enamours believe that you can make a man succumb and fell madly in love with you by over feeding him with sex.Once a man profaces love to you,then you become at his beck and call.You become so possessive and at a point you begin to suffocate him with sex and this can drive the man away.Men are more adventurers in nature,they love to explore.If you don't give them that freedom,they will feel caged and the relationship might hit the rock,dear ladies give him some break.And again you think he does not notice your fixed long artificial nails,he does.Definitely your long nails will not allow you to cook for him,wash his clothes,make his bed and keep his apartment clean.Even your fix long nail will not allow you to keep your body parts very clean for him.Yes sex is part of the game but you shouldn't make it as if the whole relationship depends on it.You can't keep a man by giving him all the money in your bank account because he will disappoint  you and run away to marry another girl.We are not saying you shouldn't give him money,give him money when you know he needs it for necessity and financially down.Wearing all the designer dresses,shoes,bags and perfume can never keep a man.How do you even relate with the mother of the Man? do you shy away from her and wish you never see her again or do you go closer to her to study her to know her likes and dislikes.That will give you an edge.You have to be deeply wise to know when a man really loves you.Over possessiveness kills a good relationship,you don't have to make it look as if is a do or die affair.

In order to win a want for keeps,make your man your best friend.Communication in a relationship is very vital,communicate as often as possible.Make sure you pick interest in his hobbies,radiate love and peace around him not jealousy and nagging.Every man has a picture of the type of girl he want in his home.Dont put on any character that will make him to regret knowing you.A man is no fool when it comes to keeping the woman he wants in his life,he will shine his eyes very well when it comes to marriage issue.If you want him to keep you,you must proof to him beyond reasonable doubt that you will be a good helper,a mother and his best friend.You see men complain a lot these days that there are many girls who don't know how to cook,try as much to make sure your man eats the food you prepared and with this you have proof him wrong,by eating the food you prepared,you have won him half way.Nothing makes a man more happy than coming home to meet and eat the food you prepared.There is an adage that say to get a man is through his stomach.There was an incident that happen years back,a man wanted to marry,he had three girlfriends namely Tonia,ifeoma and oluchukwu,they were very beautiful girls and at a point the man got confused.The worst thing is that this girls knew each other and they were all competiting for one man.The one called ifeoma is the most beautiful and has a big buttocks.Whenever she is around the man take her to bed and after much (you know now) and they will go out to the restaurant and eat and this keep on happening as often as she comes.She doesn't even go near his kitchen.And if you see the way the man was handling her,you will think she will be the one the man will marry.

The oluchukwu of a girl was not constant.She was neither here or there but the man cuts his share each time she is around.The two girls Ifeoma and oluchukwu will be in the man's house and the Tonia of girl will go to market prepare a good meal for the man,clean the house and leave.She was intelligent and understands what she wants and then the man keep noticing it.Tonia the African queen loves the man deeply,while ifeoma and oluchukwu was busy looking for the man's penis,she was busy looking for the man's love and his home.She kept showing the man she had better things to offer than sex and that she can make a good wife and a good mother to their children.On eve of Valentine's day,ifeoma has come to graze his bed as usual and the man keep enjoying himself.So on that day,Tonia came fully prepared,bought food stuff,toiletries and drinks for the celebration.She went straight to the kitchen and prepared a delicious meal.She served everyone on the dinning table including ifeoma her competitor.The evening of that day ifeoma was first to take her bath,then Tonia went to take her bath too.As Tonia entered the room she caught ifeoma using her toiletries.Tonia look around and saw no one,she said to ifeoma,"so you came to your lover's house without toiletries and you have the guts to use mine so that you can shine for him? " Tonia gave ifeoma a slap,ifeoma retaliated and Tonia fell on the floor and started crying.The man ran into the room and started asking who is beating my wife for me.As they were inside the room the man asked "ifeoma so you want to kill my wife for me?" he bounced on her and beat the hell out of her.He threw her out of his house and life forever.Few weeks later he got married to Tonia.You see Sex is never the ultimate to keeping a man.