I am going to build my fans a house. -Cynthia Morgan

Popular Nigerian music artist Cynthia Morgan,who recently had a fallout with industry colleague MC Galaxy,has gotten over the feud and is onto the next big thing,which according to her,is building a house for her fans.The singer got her fans going wild in great excitement over the thought of being built a house by their favorite celeb.Indeed,there’s been a lot of benevolent act by singers that were beneficial to their fans.

But it has never been on record that a celebrity built a house for her fans.But this Naija female singer is on the verge of making the difference.Taking to her Twitter handle,she made the promise to build her fans a house where she and they can socialize and have fun at any given time;something like a fan hub.

The queen of Nigerian dance hall music further stated that she would do things that have never been done before,hinting that she has her sights set on becoming a legend.She said;“I am going to build my fans a house someday where they can come chill with me and talk to me about anything they want. #wemajorlikedat.The things I am going to do..nobody in the world has ever done it.”