Man killed,daughter completely disabled by police in delta state.

It is not debatable that the primary responsibility of any rational security outfit supposed to be timely and effective protection of lives and property.The opposite,however,is what is obtained across the state especially from some officers of the Nigerian police.In fact, most citizens therein are left with no option than resort to self-help vis-à-vis provision of security services.

Some trigger-happy officers believed to be from Igbodo Police Station in Ika North-East recently snuffed out life from a middle aged man.The latter simply identified as Mr. Itabor was a native of Ubulu-uku in Aniocha South.They also shot his under-aged daughter,completely destroying one of her arms.

News gathered that the deceased was heading to his hometown with his family in his car.He was flagged down by the police officers at their illegal road blocks. But,he was instantly shot and left in the pool of his blood before he could apply the brake.

Interestingly,the unbearable pain still appears like a mere horror scene in Nollywood movies.The issue,going by checks,is being discussed across Ubulu-uku in hush tone.The youths of the community were even more concerned about conducting elections as if such daylight evil never occurred.Honestly, what exactly is the worth of the life of hapless and innocent Nigerian citizen?